7th Grade Reflection

7th grade has been so much more different than all of the other grades I’ve been through. It wasn’t what I had expected at all.


When I first arrived here in August, I expected a busy schedule with lots of homework and projects and essays. It seemed to be that way at first: on the first day of school, I had to write an essay for English class. But slowly, when not many projects and assignments came flying in my direction, I started to realize that it might not be so bad after all. By November my life was filled with doing the things I loved like basketball and playing video games. Some afternoons, since I had no homework, I had nothing to do! My dad would notice this and he would ask me if I wanted to do something “fun”. I would quickly refuse and go shoot hoops or read—my dad’s version of “fun” usually involves math.


Eventually I figured out that there was not as much homework as I had anticipated. In fact, there seemed to be around the same amount as sixth grade. Maybe I’m just getting a lot smarter, or school has just gotten easier (I hope it’s the first one). But still, in 7th grade I’ve learned a lot:

– In science, I’ve learned all about the cell, from the golgi apparatus to the mitochondria. I’ve also learned all about the human body, from the nervous system to the cardiovascular system.

– In Latin, I’ve learned everything from noun endings to complete words to complete sentences to complete stories.

– In English, I’ve learned all about writing expository essays and narrative essays. I’ve also learned thousands more vocabulary words to add to my mental dictionary.

– In Texas history I’ve learned all about Texas’s history, from the Alamo to the progressive era to the current days.

That is a lot more knowledge in my brain! I can’t wait for eighth grade!

Night Owl or Early Bird?

As soon as my eyes would pop open, I would hop out of bed. I cannot stay in bed when I wake up. I am most definitely a early bird.
My mom hates me waking up early and always tells me to get more sleep (I think that she just wants to wake up first). But whenever I get back in bed, I cannot fall back asleep. My mom is also an early bird and I think I inherited my early bird genes from her. Every morning, when the rest of the house is still dark, I would be inside the restroom and brushing my teeth. After I would finish, I would creep down stairs and greet my mom, who was making breakfast (she has been waking up earlier to get head of me). As I waited for my lazy sister and Dad to drag themselves out of bed, I would finish my homework or read. When they finally came downstairs, we would all eat breakfast and I would go to school.
So in conclusion, I am an early bird. I cannot stay in bed in the mornings. What about you? Are you an early bird or an night owl?

0 4 Tongues Made of Glass

if only
our tongues
were made
of glass
how much
more careful
we would be
when we
—Shaun Shane
I really like this poem because it uses a metaphor to explain that we need to watch our words when we speak. Some people talk without thinking, and they end up hurting others. In this poem, the author says that if our tongues were made of glass, we would be more careful with it, because glass is fragile. In real life, even though our tongues are not made from glass, we still need to be careful with our words so we don’t hurt anyone else.

Challenge Week 5: Childhood Pillow


When I was little, I had a pillow that I needed to go to sleep. The pillow was made out of silk and it was the smoothest cloth ever. It had a checkerboard pattern of red and blue and it was cool to the touch.


I am pretty sure that my family bought the pillow in China. One afternoon, as I was playing in my parents’ bedroom, I found it. Then as fast as my little, chubby feet could carry me, I brought the pillow to my room and exchanged pillows with my parents. I used to attack me pillow and pretend that my pillow was an enemy invader. Using my short arms, I would spin the pillow over my head around and around. Whoosh! The pillow went as it flew across the room. I had deafened the invader. When it was my bedtime, and I had to go to sleep, I would always use my pillow. As soon as I had I laid my head on it, my eyes would close instantly and I would fall asleep. I loved my pillow and used it every day and night.


Now that I am older, I do not need a special pillow to go to sleep, and I don’t fight imaginary enemies anymore. But still, sometimes, on warm nights, I wish that I still had my pillow.

Photo Credit: “Bed Bath & Beyond.” Silk Pillows. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2014. .

Challenge Week 3: 5 Useful Apps

Everyone has apps on their phone or tablet. I have around 50 different applications on my iPad. Each one is useful in its own way. But since I cannot describe all 50 apps, here are my most favorite, most useful apps.


Wolfram Alpha: Wolfram Alpha is probably one of the most powerful calculators available to you and me. Using it, you can solve simple arithmetic to complex equations. Need help on your math homework? Wolfram Alpha can get it done for you. Type in whatever you want, press enter, and poof all the different solutions, graphs, and extra information are there in front of your eyes. Wolfram Alpha can also solve not only math but science, literature, and lots of other topics. Also, there are funny things like, “What are two things that are infinite?” And Wolfram Alpha will reply, “The universe and human stupidity.”


CalenMob: CalenMob what keeps me organized through out my busy day. You can set it to automatically receive all of your homework for the day or you can type it in yourself. It also allows you to sync it with your Google Calender so you don’t have to keep on typing the same thing over and over. CalenMob lets you set different color, time or all-day, repetition, reminders, and much more. With CalenMob, you can keep organized throughout your busy life.


Skyward: This useful app allows me to check and manage my grades in school. Some schools don’t use Skyward, but for the schools that do, this app is really handy. it shows all if the missing assignments in red so you can easily tell what you need to work on. A simple 4 digit pass-code can bring all of your grades in front of your eyes, without having to tediously and slowly type in your username and password. Now I can check my grades as only as I have my iPad with me.


DocAs: DocAs allows you to convert any thing into a PDF in DocAs. Then you can highlight things, write things, and much more. If you need print, you can convert it into DocAs and then print. If you have an electronic paper, and the teacher is requiring you to highlight and write other notes in it, DocAs can do whatever you need. Its simple format allows you do everything you need to do quickly.


Super Stick Man Golf 2: Ahh, finally done with all of my homework. It is now time to relax with some games! Super Stick Man 2 golf is an extremely fun and simple game where you try to hit the ball into the hole with the least number of strokes possible. Various traps like acid and lasers make it challenging and engaging at the same time. This game also has lots of power-ups like the Nitro Ball and the Super Ball. Different clothing and hats also giver different results. For example, the Viking hat lets you have no penalties for hitting the ball into the water.  SSMG2 is a great game if you got some time to relax.


These five apps are the most useful to me. There are a lot more but I strongly recommend you trying some of these apps.

Challenge Week 2: Places In Austin

The Texas Capital

     If you were to come the Austin, Texas, the best city in the world, there are so many good places to visit, it is not possible describe them all. But the one place you have to visit is the Capital of Texas.

     I guarantee that the moment you arrive, your breath will be taken away by its beauty. As you walk down the path that leads to the huge archway, you can see trees planted by the path that seem to welcome you. In the spring and summer, the greenest grass you have ever seen in the world surrounds the capital with different displays like fountains and cannons on it. Just the building is a wonder: a huge archway leads to the grand double doors, each side of the Capital spreads to the uttermost edge of the grass, and in the center of the building, a tower goes up until if seems to touch the clouds. The Texas Capital building is even taller than the Capital building of the US!. A statue stands on the top of the tower, too far away to be seen clearly. Inside, there are portraits of all the different Presidents and governors of Texas. A huge star is painted on the ceiling of the of he Capital and another is painted on the ground of the first floor. The Capital of Texas has over 360,000 square feet of floors, which is more that any other state capital. It also has nearly 400 rooms and over 900 windows.

     The Capital of Texas is a must-see place in Texas. It will be a place you will never forget. So if you ever come to Austin, come visit the Capital!

Photo Credit: MorgueFile

The Phantom’s Lair (From the “Phantom Of The Opera”)


     The lights blurred into gray as Christine and the Phantom stepped thought the mirror. Streaks of black flew passed them as they traveled at warp speed. Suddenly, an oval of swirling gray opened up in front them. The Phantom’s icy, cold hand grasped Christine and pulled her through. They were here, the Phantom’s lair.
     “Welcome to my lair,” the Phantom said, his voice ringing musically across the stone walls. A few lonely candles flickered, causing the shadows in the lair to move about. A grand pipe organ, make of stone and painted black, stood in a corner of the lair. The candles’ fiery gaze swept over the organ and caused it to look dark orange. Toward the opposite side, a huge lake sat, disappearing into the darkness. A pile of bones was left in the shadows, almost completely hidden, but Christine’s keen eyesight caught it.
     “Please make yourself at home,” the Phantom told Christine, as he strolled over to the pipe organ. The Phantom sat down on the stone bench and raised his hands to the keys. Slowly at first, one note after another, came from the pipe organ. But soon the notes speed up, accelerating away. A few second later and the notes were coming like a downpour, rushing down. It was beautiful and enchanting at the same time. The Phantom’s hands struck what seemed like every key on the organ. And the Phantom began to sing…

Photo Credit: morguefile.com


Masks are used in a number of ways. Other people cannot see your real face when you are wearing a mask. Masks are useful in many ways.


Sometimes people use masks just for fun. Masks can be put on for entertainment. At plays, instead of using computer animation, people wear masks with different faces to make people laugh, scare them and lots more. During Halloween, some people wear masks that are so realistic they literally send shivers down my spine.


Another reason people wear masks is to protect themselves. People who wield metal together wear thick metal masks to prevent sparks from flying into their face. Athletes like football players wear masks so they do not get concussions and get hurt. Baseball catchers wear masks to stop the 100 mile-per-hour, speedy-fast ball from smashing into their skulls.


People wear masks for many reasons. Some people wear masks for fun while others need them. Masks are needed.

What Makes A Great Leader

To become a great leader you need many skills. All the great leaders in the world have them. Some people are born to become great leaders, while others are not. If you do not have the skills, you will never be able to become a great leader. A great leader is made of these several skills.


Great leaders need to believe in other people. Without it, you will never accomplish anything. For example if a war General does not believe that his army will win the battle, his army is doomed to lose. Same goes with life. You need to believe in your partner that he will do his part and not let you down. It is not possible to do everything by yourself. Without the help and support of others, you won’t succeed, much less become leader.


Having endurance is also important. When everything looks down, and looks like a dead end after all you been through, you need endurance to get through. You cannot just quit on yourself and others. Thomas Edison took over 1000 tries to make the light bulb. Usually, other people will just quit after around 20 or less failures. Even if someone gets to 100 failures and doesn’t quit is good. But Edison took over 1000 tries to make the light buld. You have to never give up.


There are several different needed skills to become an awesome leader. A leader need all of there skills to become successful.